6 Good Things To Remember When You Fail
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6 Good Things To Remember When You Fail

6 Good Things To Remember When You Fail

What’s your biggest failure in life? And why do you categorize that event as a failure? Our thinking is the only factor that can separate us and allow us to be able to differentiate one person’s features from the other. The way we think goes a long way in determining the way we act and all these goes way back to our mind (the ultimate controller of our behaviors). This brings me to the topic of discussion; “Good things to remember when you fail”. 

What’s failure to you? Do you view failure as a mistake caused by your incompetence? Failure can also be part of the road to your success but only if you fix your thinking. Overcoming failure, getting through failure and coping with failure can only be pulled off effectively when you amend your thinking. Your largest obstacle can also become your greatest opportunity and the moment you start to view failure as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks to your success and opportunities, you’ll start to grow positively, pave your way to success and turn your setbacks into comebacks. Here are 6 good things to remember when you fail:


Remember To Accept How You Feel

Failure indeed hurts more than most injuries which is ok. But it is important to not neglect the fact that it really happened. Dissuade from trying to get it off your mind by distracting yourself or by trying to escape from it. 

What most people do after failure is finding a way to escape from it or cover it up which is either by causing a distraction for themselves or covering it up with a smile. The best thing to do is letting your feelings sink in and allow yourself to experience these feelings that you’re trying so hard to escape from. It may hurt but you should rather let it hurt for a while than trying to keep it away.


Be Optimistic For The Future

The major reason why most people are always reluctant to leave their comfort zone is as a result of past failures. I agree that it is quite hard to believe that you can be successful at something after failure but practicing the habit of being optimistic can allow you to be positive even when things are not going the way you want. 

How you think about, view and react to failure will determine how your future will turn out. Believe in yourself, trust in your abilities and be optimistic for the future. Understand that the road to success is a very bumpy road and the way you react to and overcome these bumps will determine whether or not you’ll attain success.


Remember That You’re Not A Failure

Setbacks or failures are things that cannot be avoided and it’s very easy to start thinking that failure will always continue or happen in your life and it is also very easy to start thinking that you’re a failure and that you’re someone that can never succeed at anything you set out to do. This is a destructive self-criticism which must be avoided. 

Continue to remind yourself that failure is temporary and that it doesn’t mean that you can never do something right. Prove to yourself as well as to the whole world that you are not a failure. Just because you fail today doesn’t mean that you’ll continue to fail forever. There is always a next time after failure so always see negative things as temporary instead of permanent which may be a hindrance to your success and opportunities.


Learn From The Situation

 There is always a lesson behind all misfortunes. One other thing to remember when you fail is the lesson. Rather than beating yourself up and declaring yourself as hopeless and unfortunate, think and ask yourself better questions that will put you in a positive light. Ask yourself what you’ve gained from the situation that you are in. Think of the things you’ll or can be able to do differently the next time. 

Be honest with yourself and try to answer these questions. The important factors to change are your thinking and overall view of the situation. Think of the lessons rather than allow yourself to remain stuck in denial or negativity.


Express Your Concerns

 Failure is just like an emotional fallout and it is something that shouldn’t be bottled up inside. It’d be nice to talk it over with a loved one. Bring your fears and concerns out into the open and vent your frustrations and worries to a close one. 

Release your inner pressure and concerns rather than pushing it away. Engage in a conversation with someone about your situation and allow people to be aware of your feelings and what you are going through so that they will be able to assist and bring you back on track.


Take A Break And Move On

Accepting failure is essential but it is a problem when you are stuck in the situation for too long. It is easy to get stuck copying to negative thoughts, denial and self-criticism. The last good thing to remember when you fail is to move on. Remember to move on and think of failure as a short break for you to re-evaluate and reassess your options and plans. 

Staying in the same position and allowing yourself to continue wallowing in denial and criticism will only deny you the chance of a next time. There are still many more chances to explore, failure shouldn’t be a hindrance to that opportunity. 

Bottom Line

Failure is not forever so don’t brood too much on any situation you find yourself in. Never allow your failures to over shadow your future opportunities and success. Practice the things listed above and bounce back from your failures, and continue to remind yourself that you can do better and that you still have the chance of a next time. 

Failure is not about you getting what you want, it is about what you learnt along the way and who you become along the way. So endeavor to change your thinking of failure as an obstacle but rather think of failure as a leverage to strengthen your resolve. 

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6 Good Things To Remember When You Fail

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6 thoughts on “6 Good Things To Remember When You Fail

  1. Accepting failure is not an easy thing. I constantly have to tell myself it’s okay and to keep trying to be better. It’s not easy but it’s good to accept that I made a mistakes and to keep trying.

  2. Thank you for sharing this post. I agree it’s important to acknowledge what you learn rather than stay in the negative of the mistakes. Talking with trusted people helps too. Sometimes it’s important to talk it out and allow others to encourage you through it.

    Pastor Natalie

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