Easy Ways to Uncomplicate your Life

10 Easy Ways to Uncomplicate Your Life

10 Easy Ways to Uncomplicate Your Life.

What does your ideal or perfect day look like? A perfect day is interpreted in different ways by many people- for me, it means taking up my daily affirmations, a quiet writing or reading moment, a long nap or short walk in a serene and quiet environment and getting a good night’s rest. For some, it means a morning walk to the closest park, focusing on a particular goal or work and spending time in nature or a comfortable environment. And for some, it’s simply waking up in the morning, taking a bath, preparing for work and getting back home to get a good night’s rest. We all live different lives and our tastes and preferences differ too but one thing we all have in common is that we strive everyday to achieve and acquire that perfect or ideal day that we picture in our minds. Without further ado, this post expatiates the ways to uncomplicate your life. Read on to find out more.

Having an uncomplicated or simple life even as complex and complicated this life gets can be overwhelming coping to the drastic increase in our daily activities. We all strive to achieve this “ideal” day that we envision but considering the unnecessary and irrelevant dramas that we subject ourselves to both mentally and physically on a daily basis, it is a clause or stain on the “ideal” and “perfect” day that we picture. 

It is acceptable and justifiable to say that life isn’t perfect and that things may not always go as we’ve envisioned but nevertheless, there are still some things that don’t really warrant our attention or time. Truthfully, humans are the ones that exert stress and unnecessary dramas to themselves. Life can also be simple and uncomplicated no matter how complex or difficult it gets and this simplicity can only be achieved when you take one step at a time. Meaning, it is a gradual process. Ever thought of living a simple and uncomplicated life? Here are 10 easy ways to uncomplicate your life and make your life easier and simpler:

Focus on the Important Things

What are your priorities? Priorities are what drives the zeal to do something. Setting your priorities and giving importance to the things that are worth or deserve is one of the ways to uncomplicate your life. Learn to identify your priorities and set out things according to the level of their importance. 

Focus and discipline yourself to be able to eliminate and eradicate the unimportant things in your life. Never give yourself the privilege to waste any time or energy. 

Stop Trying to be Everything to Everyone

It is nice to expand your social circle but don’t forget to always keep it simple. The simpler your circle is, the easier it gets to uncomplicate your life. Cultivate healthy relationships with fewer people. Remember that you can’t possibly please or satisfy everyone around you so don’t exert too much pressure on yourself by trying to be everything to everyone. 

Be nice and make people smile but never subject yourself to being everything to everyone. Be yourself and let people accept you for who you are and not because you assist and do everything for them. 

Ditch Perfection

Those who chase perfection live different and complex lives because they are always on the run and busy with achieving something that is outrightly impossible. Chasing perfection is like you trying to catch the air. You’ll always want to do more and more until the pressure becomes too much which is when stress comes in. 

One other way to uncomplicate your life is by ditching perfection. When you start to accept and agree that nothing and no one in this world is perfect including life itself, your life your life will start to get more and more easier and peaceful. 

Declutter your Space

Start getting rid of those things and stuff that are not useful for you again. Clear your clutter and organize your space. A cluttered space attracts distraction and stress so practice the habit of decluttering. A healthy environment produces a healthy mind so practice this habit to organize your life and maintain a balance between your living and working areas. 

Let Go of Stress and Things that Creates it

Stop subjecting yourself to stress and also do away with things or people that create it. Do things according to the level of their importance, don’t compromise for things you know are detrimental to your mental and physical well-being. 

Prevent Unnecessary Drama in your Life

Life is short so every moment we experience should be of value. Prevent unnecessary drama in your life and don’t associate or surround yourself with people who do. Don’t subject yourself to the feeling of living in a toxic environment or associating with toxic people. Rather surround yourself with people that’ll only bring out the best in you and also people that will make every moment of your life valuable and worth living. This is also another way to uncomplicate your life and live an easy and peaceful life.

Stop living in the Past

Reminiscing about incidents from the past is not a bad thing but when these incidents from the past start to make you sad, that is when it becomes a problem. In other words, it means you’re stuck in the past. Living in the past becomes a problem when it starts to rob you of the opportunity to live and enjoy the present. 

Many people live in the past because of the fear of what may happen in the future or because of the fear of having incidents of the past repeating or recurring again. If you are experiencing this fear, you need to learn to move on and put yourself in a more healthier and optimistic environment. 

Try to stop living in the past and accept that there are some things that you can’t control. Learn to let go and free yourself from the burden of the past. There is this old adage that says; “Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift; that is why it is called present”. 

Forget What Other People Say About You

The feeling of doing things according to your terms and wishes is an unexplainable feeling. This feeling spells freedom and control. Start living your life on your terms and do your things according to your rules. Life is too short for you to start living your life based on people’s reactions. Take risks and stop hiding in the shadows of the safe and easy choices. Start living for yourself and not for others. 

Live and Do Things with No Regret

Living your life with no regrets can also be included in the ways to uncomplicate your life. Do things that you are comfortable with and live your life with no regrets whatsoever. Stop caring too much because when you do, you’ll start to attract stress and worry to yourself. 

Know that your life is too short and complex for you to start doing things with regrets or having lingering feelings of guilt. Don’t let the looks in the eyes of others cloud or blind your choices and decisions. Find your purpose and voice, and live your life without regrets. 

Enjoy and Savor Every Moment of Your Life

Happiness can be derived from many things. No matter how small the moment is, ensure to enjoy and savor every little bit of it as life is too short for you to start stressing yourself over things that are not in your reach. Enjoying and savoring the simplest moments will only make your life easy, peaceful and uncomplicated. 

Bottom Line

Many people say life is difficult and I totally agree but when you start to feel and experience joy in the simplest of things, life will start to seem peaceful, easy and uncomplicated. So endeavor to stay and live simple. Live big too but don’t forget that life can also be simple and uncomplicated no matter how difficult it gets or seems. 

“Simple pleasures are the last healthy refuge in a complex world” – Oscar Wilde.

Easy Ways to Uncomplicate your life

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16 thoughts on “10 Easy Ways to Uncomplicate Your Life

  1. These are all such great tips! The thing that is hardest for me is “trying to be all things to all people”. I’ve gotten better at saying no but it’s my nature to help others so it’s a constant struggle. Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. This was so satisfying to read! Your writing is soul lifting, which I love! Thank you for sharing these tips.
      You made my morning much better actually, so thank you and keep writing amazing content like this one.

  2. Wonderful suggestions for simplifying life & reducing stress. I’m working on decluttering now. It’s a great way to uncomplicate your life. Having too much stuff just creates problems – you have to take care of it, store it, sort through it to find anything . . .
    We are downsizing our living space and decluttering will help us to create a peaceful space and live a simpler life. Plus, I’ve been selling the stuff we no longer use to make extra money to put into retirement savings. Decluttering by selling stuff is a big help when looking for creative ways to boost retirement savings!

  3. You are so right! I am taking home that piece about living in the past and I can warmly recommend giving up on toxic people in your life. Decluttering helps enormously too because then half of your life is not wasted on searching for things.

  4. I love your tips. Life can be so complicated. I feel like the pandemic stripped lots of complications from mine but life is getting back to normal and the old complications are creeping back in


  5. This is a wonderful post – lots of great ideas. For myself de-cluttering and trying not be everything to everyone are two I really focus on as I find they help me the most! This list is going to help so many people – thank you for sharing.

  6. Love this! You’ve got a really great selection of tips here – I definitely think that living in the present and learning to say no are really important, and you’ve broadcasted that really well. Thanks for sharing x

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