Things to Start Doing for Yourself in 2021

20 Things to Start Doing for Yourself in 2021

20 Things to Start Doing for Yourself

The most important relationship in your life is the relationship that you have with yourself. It is a known fact that we all live our individual lives. We all have our own angels and demons that we face everyday. But the question is; Do you actually live? If you do, who and what do you live for? When last did you feel genuinely happy or satisfied with yourself? Who and what exactly is your priority? This post contains 20 things to start doing for yourself in 2021 and the tips and hacks to be able to answer and act on the questions asked above. 

The fear of being judged or criticized often prompts the habit of pleasing people, attracts toxic people to your surroundings and hinders your growth. Harvey Fierstein wrote; “Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself”. The shocking truth of the matter is that if you don’t understand or accept yourself, then no one else will. Here is a list of things to start doing for yourself in 2021:

Allow Yourself to Dream

Your dream is a representation of what you want and what you want to do with your life. They actually define your wants and also represent your vision. One of the things to start doing for yourself in 2021 is allowing yourself to dream. Every human is entitled to this habit. It isn’t entitled to only a particular category of people. 

When you dream, you’re giving yourself a chance to live and soar like an eagle. When you allow yourself to dream, you’re telling yourself that you can want and do something without being afraid of any other thing in this world. Don’t think of the things and people around you or the situation and status that you find yourself in. Stop running around your head and just dream.

Stop Running

The more you run away from your problems, the faster they catch up with you. There have been some certain scenarios in my life that I had decided to just drop everything and run but when I eventually did, I found myself in the same hole I thought I had left. Life itself is not easy and running away is just like another pile of salt on your wounds. 

Life is like a game of chess. If you don’t pay attention and think carefully or deeply before making your moves, you’ll end up leaving your king behind. And also when a game of chess starts and things starts to turn ugly, your ability to think wide and persevere will be the only thing to get you out. Running and leaving the game will make you a loser so the only way for you to win is by utilizing your thoughts, mind and mental strength judiciously.

Aside from you hurting yourself by running, you’re also stressing yourself mentally. Running doesn’t and can never solve your problems, it rather adds to them. Start acknowledging your problems and take due actions. Do whatever you can and when you can to counter your problems rather than running.

Get Comfortable with Your Personality 

If you are not comfortable with your personality, you’ll only end up listening and living your life on other people’s terms which is something that can make you lose your original identity. Get this straight, your identity is your life. It represents who and what you are and the minute you lose it, you will be no different from a robot that lives and acts according to the codes it has been programmed with. 

Take absolute control of your life and practice the habit of getting comfortable with your personality. Keep it as a reminder that you are a unique and an exquisite masterpiece. Don’t try to be like someone else, discover and bring out those amazing qualities of yours that you’ve hidden. Get used to being you and no one else.

Be Honest with Yourself

When everyone leaves, you’ll have nothing but yourself which is why you should start being honest with yourself. What you see in front of the mirror every morning is your reality so accept it. Be honest with what and who you are, what you want and who you want to become. 

Being honest with yourself will assist in giving you a better understanding of what you want, who you are and the ways to achieve what you want. Remember that you can lie to the whole world but never to yourself. The more you lie to yourself, the harder your reality hit you right across the face.

Start Living in the Present

They say today is a gift and tomorrow is a mystery which is actually justifiable. Tomorrow is always unknown. Our minds just create various imaginary scenarios of what may happen. Your today is a gift, always value it. 

Overthinking brings up a lot of negative thoughts. It causes excess worry. Living in the present is also one of the things to start doing for yourself in 2021. This will not only help in warding off negative thoughts but also help in challenging the inner critic. You can master this habit by practicing mindfulness.

Expand your Social Circle

Associating yourself with new people is not an easy thing to do especially to an introvert or socially anxious person. This is as a result of the fear of toxic people. This might occur as a result of past experiences. Nevertheless, it is advisable to expand your social circle. 

Meet and associate with new people and add to your list of friends. Doing this will allow you to learn and experience new things, and also let you attain a high level of tolerance.

Take One Step at a Time

Your goals are the representation of your dream. They define what you want and desire. It is normal to feel overwhelmed when you dream or set a goal and it is also completely normal to feel down when you fail. But the thing is, when you rush towards something, you may end up tripping or falling which is why planning is an important thing to do when you have a goal or dream. 

Never rush into things and practice the habit of taking one crucial step before the other so that you don’t end up messing everything up for yourself. When you take one step at a time, even if you fail, you’ll still learn something afterwards which is a win-win situation for you. You may not be able to fulfill that goal but you’ll definitely take away something valuable at the end.

Do Things that Scare You

Your comfort zone allows you to be in the same box or space without expanding. One other thing to start doing for yourself in 2021 is overcoming your fears bit by bit until you overcome them all. This will assist in getting out of your comfort zone with ease. 

You can start this easily by writing down all your fears on a piece of paper or better still a journal and perform each task every week. This will increase your growth and make you feel less and less afraid of your fears.

Prioritize your Happiness

Many people sacrifice their happiness over things that seem impossible or out of their control. Remember that your happiness is one of the valuable things that you possess. It is something that completes and makes you whole.

Dissuade from the habit of people pleasing and start valuing your happiness. Invest in the things that are within your control and make happiness your top priority. Smile because it’s yours and be happy with who you are. 

Start Practicing Gratitude

Most people perceive and experience feelings of achievement only when they reach a particular level in their lives. This attitude will continue to demand a lot from you because you’ll always feel that you need to achieve more before acknowledging your will power and recognizing how fortunate you are. 

Start practicing gratitude and recognize what you have and where you are now. It’s okay to want to achieve great things but not at the cost of the things and people that are present in your life today. You can start by waking up in the morning and acknowledging your achievements or practicing being thankful for the current state or position that you are in your life.

Spend Time in Nature

Nature has a way of soothing the nerves and bringing warmth to the mind. It can remind you of the great and wonderful things that surround you. Spending time in nature is also one of the things to start doing for yourself in 2021. It will also help to provide a certain sense of peace and satisfaction.

Let Go of the Past

Holding on to the past creates a huge burden in one’s mind and causes uneasiness and worry. It also denies one of peace and robs one of the opportunities available for you in the present moment. Just as the word implies; a time that has gone by recently. Let it remain a time that has “gone” and keep it in mind that it is a time that will never come back. Therefore, holding on to it is like a waste of your time, energy and peace.

Make your Life Simple

Start eliminating things that bring unnecessary drama and commotion to your life and keep your life simple. This habit will go a long way in eliminating stress and toxicity totally from your life.

Start Voicing Out Your Thoughts

No one can know what you really want, what you really feel or what exactly is bothering you if you don’t say it out loud. Voicing out your thoughts is also one of the things to start doing for yourself in 2021as it will allow people to know exactly what your thoughts are on certain matters. 

This habit will also assist in setting up a firm boundary and prevent people from trampling over you everytime.

Treat your Body Well

Your body is your pride so take good care of it. Practice adequate self-care by eating healthy foods always and always ensure that your body is in the right state. Doing this will help in boosting your self-confidence and improve your self-esteem.

Learn to Say NO

Saying ‘yes’ all the time might sound like you’re being helpful but it is in fact a trait of a people pleaser which is a violation of one’s boundaries. This habit of saying ‘yes’ all the time will only end up making you forget totally about your mental and emotional health. Start practicing the habit of saying ‘no’ and take full control of your life and thoughts. 

Learn to say ‘no’ and also learn to say it without having any feelings of guilt. This will assist in keeping your boundaries firm and also serve as a cue that your feelings deserve respect.

Try Out New Things 

Doing the same thing over and over again every day is certainly one of the causes of boredom. Break out of that circle and explore your options. Try out new things and learn new things. Doing this will not only give you the access to leave your comfort zone but also allow you to explore and discover new things.

Be Accountable

Don’t wait for anybody else before pursuing your dreams and taking responsibility for yourself. Be accountable and responsible for your life. Never give the key to your life to another because you are the only one that can keep it safe. 

Make the changes that you want to make to your life, do the things you want to do and make the decisions that you want to make now without waiting for anyone to do it for you.

Eliminate all Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships tend to suck out many things from one’s life. Things like self-confidence or self-esteem. One other thing to start doing for yourself in 2021 is eliminating all kinds of toxic relationships

These kinds of relationships bring more harm than good and it can also bring an adverse effect on your mental health. If you find yourself in this kind of relationship, don’t hesitate to free yourself from it.

Smile More

One of my seniors in high school then told me that smiling makes the face glow and makes one more attractive. She then told me to smile more as it will make people feel more comfortable with me. I didn’t take her seriously at first but it later turned out to be the absolute truth. 

Smiling helps in many ways. Aside from making people feel more comfortable around you, it also helps to relieve stress both mentally and emotionally, elevate one’s mood and help to live longer.

Bottom Line

The year 2020 was an eventful, rough and extremely tough year for everyone which is why making 2021 a healthy and productive year should be at the top of our list of new year resolutions. The tips and hacks listed above are the things to start doing for yourself in 2021 to make it a productive and healthy year for yourself. 

What are the things that you wish to start doing for yourself? Are there things that you’ve always wanted to do for yourself or try? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section.

20 Things to Start Doing for Yourself in 2021

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15 thoughts on “20 Things to Start Doing for Yourself in 2021

  1. This has been my best read today. There’s so much that we can do to better ourselves not just for us but for others around us too. One of my favourite take from this is LEARN TO SAY NO! It’s something I’ve struggled with but I am now making a conscious effort to improve. Thanks again.

    1. You’re welcome Joleisa. I’ve struggled with saying NO for a very long time now too but I’m getting used to it without having the normal guilty feeling. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Yes to all of these! I love the pointer especially about being at one with your personality. For me, this is something I’ve only just come around to within the last couple of years. I was dreadfully shy in school, always forgotten about and never really taken a chance upon. I know now that you don’t have to be the loudest person in the room to have the biggest voice! I’ve definitely been on a journey the last couple of years, but accept myself 100% now. Thanks so much for sharing!


  3. Loved reading this so much! I think the one that most resonated with me was getting comfortable with my personality and allow myself to dream. I did dream already but never set myself to pursue it or after a while, I would just give up but I am changing it. I always felt like I couldn’t be myself with some people for fear of not being accepted, but not doing it anymore is such a huge relief! Thanks for sharing x

  4. Yes to all of these! I think if we could all perhaps pick two of these things to work on, we’d all be a lot happier and more satisfied with ourselves! Spending time in nature is something I want to work on a lot more at the moment!

  5. loved this post! all of the suggestions are great reminders. i especially love to live more in the present moment. worrying about the future or getting hung up on the past is a habit i so truly want to break. thanks for sharing!

  6. Smiling is supposed to be so good for your mental health, and now that we can get out and about more I’m looking forward to socialising more and doing more stuff! Thank you for sharing these great tips x

  7. Fantastic advice. I started doing alot of these during the pandemic last year, and have made sure to carry them through. Looking after ourselves should be key!

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