10 Secret Steps to Getting Through Tough Life Situations
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10 Secret Steps to Get Through Tough Life Situations

10 Secret Steps to Get Through Tough Life Situations

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Life has never been like a bed of roses and it never will be. It is rather like a rollercoaster ride which contains steep slopes and tight turns. Your ability to withstand each turn and slopes go a long way when it comes to getting through tough life situations. In these situations, you’ll need to create pathways for you to get through. I’ll be discussing the secret steps to getting through tough life situations in this post. 

Life has always been unfair and it is something that is probably not going to change. It contains beautiful as well as ugly moments, smooth as well as rocky paths and normal and difficult situations. Just like there are beautiful moments in your life, there’ll also be some ugly moments where you’ll find yourself trapped and in some tough situations that may be out of your control. These situations can occur at different stages and ages and they will successfully test your patience as well as your level of tolerance. Do you want to know how to create pathways to get through your life situations? Here are 10 secret steps to getting through tough life situations: 

Acknowledge the Situations

Regardless of how terrible, ugly or tough these situations are, it is important to acknowledge its existence. Acknowledging them will assist you in planning and getting through. Many people pretend and force themselves to stay in denial when they face a tough situation in their individual lives. However, it is essential to note that the more you avoid it, the more it escalates and the harder it gets to overcome. Acknowledging these situations will not only assist in getting through but also help you accept its existence and give the adequate confidence to move on from it when the situation becomes out of your control. 

Develop a Plan

Life situations can leave one drained and devastated if not handled properly . think and brainstorm some ideas to get through them and think of a valid response to give these situations even when they’re out of your control. I agree that some situations can’t be controlled or fixed but you can develop plans to cope and move on from it. 

Take One Step at a Time

When you rush into things, you might end up losing more than you can ever imagine. Tough life situations require baby and careful steps to overcome or get through. Accept the situations, develop a plan and thread carefully to avoid leading yourself into a mishap. 

These life situations can consume you if you’re not careful with them which is why taking one step at a time is essential when it comes to getting through tough life situations. 

Be Mindful

Mindfulness is the state of being in the present. Never allow your mind to travel forward or backward all the time. Let your mind remain neutral and active. This will allow you to think critically and positively in order to get through any tough or difficult life situation. 

Work on your Confidence

I agree that life situations can rob one of the right amount of confidence but at the same time, it is essential to work on that confidence in order to be able to face these situations head on without any sign or feeling of reluctance. 

Confidence helps to prove many points and also assists to get through various tough situations which is why it is a very important tool to give a valid and required response to a life situation. 

Focus on the Lessons

Just like failures and mistakes, tough life situations also bring along with them some lessons which are gifts that are to be taken. Remember that no matter how difficult or worst the situation is, there will always be something good that will come out of it. Focus your attention on these good things and ensure to implement them in your life. 

Focus on the lessons and view these situations as another learning experience. This is something that will help you later on in your life and make you come out of the situations stronger and better than before. 


Crying to me is something that makes one stronger. It feels like a way of releasing pent up emotions. Even though I really don’t like crying because I always end up with a headache afterwards, in some situations, I just can’t help but cry and let it all out. Crying doesn’t signify weakness, it only means that you have been strong for a very long time. 

According to Healthline, crying for long periods of time releases oxytocin and endogenous opioids, otherwise known as endorphins. These feel-good chemicals can help ease both physical and emotional pain. 

Always remember that crying has never been a sign of weakness. It is just another natural therapy to soothe and calm a troubled mind. 

Learn to Let Go

There are some things in life that are not meant to be acquired or held onto. These things when held onto for a long time often turn out to be a waste of time, energy and efforts. Spending too much time holding onto these things is like holding onto a soaked tissue paper. It will only continue to melt away with time. 

Accept the situation and just let go to attain your peace of mind. Don’t hold onto it for a very long time thinking it would change. 

Take Care of Yourself

Life situations can sometimes become overwhelming and overbearing but it is important to not allow yourself to be too wrapped up in its web. Take care of yourself and don’t forget to practice self-care

Remember that if you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll not be able to attain the required status of health to get through your life situations. 

Seek Help

Seeking for help is also one of the secret steps to getting through a tough life situation. It is not a sign of weakness, it is rather a sign of courage. It explains how confident you are. Don’t hesitate to seek help when necessary in a variety of ways to help you cope with any tough life situation. 

Whether it’s practical, professional or emotional help, tell people what you want and what you need help with. Don’t feel alone and ensure to reach out to others. You can talk to your friends or loved ones, doctor or therapist and just talk to people who will listen and help you. 

Bottom Line

You can’t always get what you want and you can’t always be where you want to be but you can definitely work towards being what you want to be no matter what life puts you through. Make lemonades out of the lemons that life throws at you. 

Life isn’t always easy and challenges will always happen but the way you cope and handle these challenges or tests can affect you both negatively or positively so it is important to pick up those broken pieces and rebuild or recreate them into whatever thing you want and however shape you want it to be. If you don’t make a move to get through your life situations now, it may consume and affect your life negatively.

I hope this post helps you to get through your life situations positively and give you the required confidence and strength to withstand your life struggles.

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11 thoughts on “10 Secret Steps to Get Through Tough Life Situations

    1. Well written. Some I already knew but many others just served as the medicine for the difficult situation I am currently going through.
      I really appreciate the writer of this well written piece.

      Many thanks

  1. These are all great tips! I have been in a bit of a bad period lately, but working on it and asking for help can really make the difference, as well as having a good cry! I will try and focus more on making a plan and letting go. Thank you for sharing x

  2. Love that you including crying in there! It’s so cathartic, and now I know it’s because crying releases endorphins! Definitely new information for me. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ahhh needed this a lot now… going through a period where I am very much down and I’m feeling like my energy is leaving me. These are really useful, so thank you for taking the time to write this post 🙂

    Anda @thebusyshelf.com

  4. Thanks for sharing helpful tips for any one going through tough and challenging circumstances.
    I would like to add to know self-affirmation method. I have had amazing experiences about this.
    Similarly manifestation technique.
    Thanks again for sharing !

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