Simple Habits that will make you love yourself more
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13 Simple Habits that Will Make You Love Yourself

13 Simple Habits that Will Make You Love Yourself

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When I think back at myself 3 to 4years ago, I would never have believed that a day like this would come that I will decide to think or write about this topic. This article signifies that I have overcome most of my fears which is why I decided to share my tips with others out there like me that are battling with feelings like an inferiority complex and self-esteem issues. This post contains the simple habits that will make you love yourself more.  

Self-love is a very important habit that will make you love and value yourself. Nobody wants to be selfish as most people would call it and many people are only out there to please and make people happy while ignoring their feelings. There will be some moments that you’ll feel disappointed or ashamed of yourself but practicing self-love is a habit that will not only make you love yourself more but also make you feel good about yourself. This practice will allow you to feel confident in yourself and your self-image.

Most people struggle with both self-esteem and confidence issues but having a great or positive relationship or let me say connection with yourself and your personality will automatically elevate your self-esteem and self-confidence. It will provide a certain form of satisfaction and a particular feeling that you are normal even when people say otherwise. Here are 13 habits to adopt that will make you love yourself more:

Stop comparing yourself to others

Every human has their flaws and gift that they possess and it is only natural for people to embrace their gifts more than their flaws which is why comparing yourself to others is so not an advisable thing to practice.

The beautiful and exquisite picture of your friend that you see on Instagram or Facebook shouldn’t be why you compare yourself to your friend. If you think that your friend is more beautiful than you, start embracing and thinking of yourself more. You’ll see the beauty that is hidden inside of you.

Remember, there is more to beauty than just looks.

Put yourself first

Most people especially women often feel that they are obliged to put others first so they decide to often think less about themselves. It is okay to be nice and put others first in some cases or situations but not when it becomes a bridge or stumbling block between you and your well-being or mental health.

Endeavor to practice the habit of putting yourself first in situations that you know might affect your mental health or well-being. Don’t always feel that you owe people favors so thereby putting them first before yourself.

Don’t hesitate to let go of toxic people

Toxic people spread a large amount of negativity that does affect one’s mental and emotional health. When you notice anybody bringing any form of toxicity into your life or environment, don’t hesitate to cut off those kinds of people from your life.

Surround yourself with people that will only give you peace and not those that will make you feel like you are walking on thin ice every time you are around them.

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Be nice to yourself

Show yourself the same amount of kindness that you show your best friend and pet. Practice more of your hobbies and give yourself the luxury of some enjoyment. Doing this will not only make you love yourself more but also teach you to appreciate yourself and your personality more. Speak kindly of yourself and stop speaking ill of yourself all the time.

Remember, everyone has both good and bad qualities. You just need to balance and blend both qualities well.  

Don’t mind what others think of you

It took me a while to realize this but it is the most appropriate thing to do. Minding what others think of you is synonymous with living your life on other people’s terms. Don’t worry or mind what people or the whole world thinks of you.

Beware of picking up the lifestyle of living your life while pleasing others because you’ll only end up getting hurt. Remember that you can’t please or keep everyone happy. No matter what you do, whether good or bad, you’ll always have both fans and anti-fans so why not live your life on your terms while paying deaf ears to what other people say or think about you rather than sucking up to people for them to accept and think good about you.

Remember, the appropriate acceptance that you deserve and need is yours and will always remain that way. 

Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is one of the necessities of life and depriving yourself of sleep will only prevent you from being productive or otherwise active during the day. It is advisable to get at least eight hours of sleep daily. Getting the right amount of sleep is also one of the habits to love yourself more.

Start journaling

Channeling your thoughts into writing is also one of the habits to love yourself more. Journaling can serve as a way of venting your frustrations and thoughts especially when there are no other ways to vent. It can also serve as a medium or place to appreciate yourself without being judged or ridiculed. You can start by writing down the things you’re grateful for and the things you like about yourself. This will make you appreciate yourself more and recognize more of your qualities.

Eat healthy foods

The more healthy foods you eat, the healthier you grow. Eat more healthy foods and control the amount of junk or unhealthy foods that you consume. Eat foods that will not only keep you healthy but assist in suppressing stress, soothe your feelings and control your anger or loneliness. When you eat more healthy foods, you’ll become more and more satisfied with yourself, your body, and your appearance.

Think more about yourself

Sit down and think about the last time you went on a vacation or think about the last time you dressed up and took pretty pictures of yourself. Endeavor to think more about yourself than others. Take some time out to cool off and give yourself a luxurious treat. Thinking more about yourself will allow you to love yourself more and value your personality more.

Practice meditation

Our days are always busy and we mostly take up different tasks all day with little rest. Meditation is a practice that will help in bringing your attention back to the present and bring relief to your mind. It can also help in controlling stress and anxiety, reduce negative thoughts and feelings and increase self-awareness. It isn’t something that takes a whole lot of time as you can just take up 5 min of your time each day to meditate and bring your attention back to the present.

Allow yourself to make mistakes

As they say, no one is perfect and no one is above mistakes. A mistake is also one of the methods of learning. Most people feel pressured to attain society’s definition of ‘perfection’. But the thing is mistake is not a big issue as most people presume it to be. It is normal to be wrong. What is most important is the way you treat yourself after making those mistakes. Be kind to yourself and count mistakes as a learning process.

Allowing yourself to make mistakes is also one of the habits to love yourself more. It will allow you to value and appreciate yourself more.

Recognize and replace your negative thoughts

There are certain voices in our heads that influence and otherwise manipulate our feelings and actions. These voices influence the way we do things and interact with others. These voices if not controlled can affect one’s mental and emotional health.

The right habit to pick up is recognizing these thoughts and replacing them with positive ones afterward. Doing this will assist in giving you a good impression of yourself and make you appreciate and love yourself more.

Create a me-time for yourself

This is probably my best activity of all time. I love it when I get the chance to enjoy myself alone without any disturbances. The silence that follows gives me relief and a particular sense of satisfaction that I can’t explain. Creating a me-time for yourself will help you to think and love yourself more and also serve as a stress reliever.  

You can decide to take some time off to cook your favorite dish, read a book or listen to a motivational podcast of your choice. This will assist in getting to know and love yourself more, and appreciate your personality.

Bottom Line

These habits require a lot of time and effort for the effect to the surface. Yes, there will be some moments when you’ll want to give up and there will also be some moments when you’ll feel lost, hopeless, and powerless.

Your willpower should be your secret motivational tool to overcome these challenges. You can also think back to the reason why you decided to embark on this journey to love yourself more and experience self-acceptance.

13 Simple Habits that will make you love yourself

I hope these habits listed above help you to embrace and love yourself more. Don’t hesitate to pin/tweet this post for later, share to your contacts or leave a comment below. Thanks for stopping by.


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11 thoughts on “13 Simple Habits that Will Make You Love Yourself

  1. I love this post. It has taken my many years to really start to think about myself. Well into middle age.

    I love all your tips and reminders.

  2. Loved reading this! Recognizing and replacing your negative thoughts with positive talking was,my main starting point, also taking time for yourself and learn not to compare yourself are a must! Thanks for sharing x

  3. Lovely post! These habits do take up a lot of time but we should spend more time and effort on ourselves than our jobs and other people. Often we are taught that it is selfish but it is not.

  4. Love this post. This year I started journaling and meditating and I love it. However, I need to stop comparing myself to others. I can be very hard on my myself. Thank you for the reminder and tips.

  5. Totally agree with all these points. I find allowing myself to make mistakes is the hardest because I’m such a perfectionist so it’s definitely something I have to work on. Great insight!

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