15 signs of a toxic relationship

15 Warning Signs of a Toxic Friend

15 Warning Signs of a Toxic Friend

True and good friends add value and purpose to your life and make your life more meaningful. They provide emotional and social support and make you feel happy and satisfied with yourself. Some friendships can be degrading, negative, and toxic. Toxic friendships tend to make you feel little, inferior, and anxious

Are you wondering what a toxic relationship means or who toxic friends are? Are you finding it hard to recognize a toxic friend? Below are 15 signs that show what a toxic friend means and how to recognize them:   

Everything is always about them

One of the most obvious signs of a toxic friend is when they always want to be the center of attraction. They’ll always want the conversation to be about them. Even if you make a contribution or bring up a random topic that concerns none of you, they’ll find a way to manipulate the conversation to be in their favor.

They pay little or no attention to your side of the conversation and will always expect you to pay rapt attention to their side of the conversation.

They make you feel uncomfortable

A friend is someone that you feel free and comfortable with. With a true friend, you feel secured and safe.

A toxic friend will always make you feel uncomfortable, nervous, and scared. They’ll make you start questioning your body image and make you feel inferior to others.

They are always dramatic

There is always an aura of drama that surrounds them. They make an issue out of everything and anything that happens to them. They are always causing problems one way or the other either for you or the people around them. They are always in trouble and will always find a way to drag you into it.

They are always competitive.

Whether it’s a real and actual competition or a figment of their imagination they’ll always want to compete with you and see you as a threat.

Even if you don’t hold anything against them, they’ll always want to compete with you. They won’t like the idea of you having or doing something that doesn’t involve them and won’t want you to succeed in whatever you do. They get obsessed with whatever you do and secretly imitate you.

They don’t respect privacy

Toxic friends keep secrets a lot and will always want to be in your business. They get angry when you keep something from them or don’t involve them in your matters.

They won’t listen if you complain to them about your privacy. They’ll rather make you the bad and mean friend forever bringing it up.

They constantly put you down.

Toxic friends are not always happy about your achievements neither will they congratulate you achieve something.

They are always out to pull you down and make you feel dejected and nervous about yourself.

They apologize without sincerity

When you call them to order on a certain act, they either give a non-challant reply of “sorry” or not apologize at all. They don’t consider your perspective and give a flippant reply while being defensive of their actions. They tend to always find a way to justify their actions even if they are in the wrong.

They are great receivers

Toxic friends tend to always want to be the receiver. They never offer empathy or concern and always want everything to be theirs. They only contact you when they need help or want something from you and immediately dump you when things are going well for them. They never attempt to grant even the smallest of your favors.

They only convey criticism

Toxic friends are those that are only out there to make you feel small and unworthy of someone or something. They only convey criticism and constantly discourage you from doing what you want and what makes you happy.

They tend to increase your stress and anxiety levels

When a friend constantly puts you down, finds a way to argue with you, compete with you, and constantly try to change you, it could result in a rise in your stress and anxiety levels. Toxic friends are stressful to associate with and add no value whatsoever to your life.

They are always jealous

Good friends are life supporters. They are your cheerleaders and also give you their shoulders to lean on. However, toxic friends tend to engage in aggressive competitions and are always out to question your ability, and are not in any way supportive. They express their jealousy through harsh and vile insults or aggressive competitions.

They tend to drain your energy

Healthy and good relationships leave you feeling fulfilled and great but toxic relationships leave you feeling drained, used, and tired as a result of the amount of drama and negative energy that comes with it.

They keep trying to change you

They tend to make you feel as if you’re not good enough and are always making feedbacks on your looks, manners, attitude, style, and your total way of living in general.

They are always out to put you down, make you feel less and inferior, and crush your self-confidence.

They are not trustworthy

Toxic friends are not good confidants. They are people that you can’t share any of your confidential information with. The friendship will always be full of doubts because you are not certain about their intentions or feelings.

They are dominative

True friends rather support your life decisions and choices and give positive feedback and advice.

Toxic friends are often characterized by the habit of always wanting to be in control of what you do, how you look or dress. They tend to always want to influence your decisions and life choices.

Final Words

A toxic friendship can be challenging and it’s completely easy for someone to get hurt in the process. It’s not bad to ask for help when you need one. All that is required is your ability and intention to exit this kind of friendship. 

Signs of a toxic friend
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One thought on “15 Warning Signs of a Toxic Friend

  1. Oh, most of these signs sound very familiar to me. I feel because our lives are so busy, we don’t take enough time to actually and truly getting to know someone. For most people, you’re just a distraction they can go out with/have a drink/celebrate the good times only and you’re just a slot holder for anything better coming along. I’ve learnt it a bit the hard way when all my friends started marrying and just never asked me about my life. Part of being a grown-up but sad really, because I like people for who they are and not for their careers, if they are single/in a partnership, or whatever other shallow reason.

    Carolin | Solo Travel Story

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