5 effective ways to deal with covid-19 isolation
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5 Effective Ways to Deal with Covid-19 Isolation

5 Effective Ways to Deal with Covid-19 Isolation

Being confined in a particular environment for a long time can cause suffocation, loneliness, and boredom. Loneliness comes from doing the same thing over and over again or being in the same environment and seeing the same things every day.

The covid-19 pandemic has caused restrictions on most of our social activities but, it is important to consider the maintenance of our mental health by carrying out some other activities that will not only help to maintain your mental health but also not go against the required covid-19 guidelines and rules. Here are 5 important activities to help cope with the loneliness and boredom that comes with isolation:

Spend time in nature

Restrictions have been made on outdoor activities as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. But it is important to maintain your mental health, and one way to do that is by spending time in nature which is a more safer and effective way to cope with the isolation and improve your mood and mental health, alleviate stress and anxiety, and boost your well-being.

You can spend time in nature by opening up your windows to let the outdoor breeze come in, sitting down in front of your house and admiring the beauty of the sky, or spending your time amongst flowers or in your garden to ease your mind.

Create a daily routine

Since all job activities have been suspended, your daily routine of waking up, taking a bath and breakfast, and going to work afterward have also been put to rest. A lack of routine can cause boredom or loneliness.

Even if you’re isolated at home, you can create a daily schedule to make the days feel as normal as possible for you and lessen the loneliness that accompanies the covid-19 isolation.

You can start your day with some planned out activities that you feel that you can do rather than starting your day with a social media notification from your phone after practically sleeping for 12hrs. Starting your day like this will not only cut back on the way you eat but also cause disruptions in your sleeping patterns.

Get creative

Have you always wanted to start painting or bead making? The isolation has automatically given you a grand and free opportunity to awaken your creative side. You can lessen your loneliness and boredom by reconnecting with the creative activities that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t as a result of your busy life.

Getting creative will help to keep your mind and thoughts occupied and ward off any feeling of loneliness, restlessness, or boredom and make the time pass more quickly.

Practice self-care

Spending the covid-19 isolation with parents and family members can also turn out to be burdensome and tiring sometimes. Give yourself the luxury of a ‘me’ time to get away from others, relax, and recollect yourself.

You can find a serene and quiet place to collect your thoughts, read a book, meditate, focus on your pet, have a cup of relaxing tea, or cook a healthy comfort food to eat alone. Amidst your responsibilities towards your family members, don’t forget to think about yourself and practice self-care.  


Our physical and mental health are practically intertwined. Spending time in isolation without exercise to keep the body and mind active might harm your ability to cope mentally.

Since the gym has also been shut down, you can practice some home exercises like yoga, a walk, or any other light exercises to keep you and your body active. You can practice these exercises at home by following YouTube videos or special mobile applications that can be found on either the Apple store or Google store.


Know that this isolation isn’t a natural state and won’t go on for a very long time. However, it is important to stay at home and also maintain your mental health while following the required guidelines and safety rules.

Find ways to engage your brain and occupy your time to reduce the loneliness, boredom, and suffocation of the coronavirus pandemic isolation.   

5 ways to deal with covid-19 isolation
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16 thoughts on “5 Effective Ways to Deal with Covid-19 Isolation

  1. Brilliant post! Totally agree that I need something that is called a routine involving daily chores and committing to work. Accepting the new norm with refreshing routine and yes living with creativity are great ways to live up bright. Thank you so much 🙂

  2. These are great tips! I’ve definitely found doing workouts whilst at home really helpful for my mental health whilst being stuck inside all the time. Unfortunately I do struggle with getting a routine in place though due to my job being shift work, but whenever I’m not working I do try and make the most of my downtime with lots of self care.

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