Are you passing through a certain change in your life right now? Are you going through a transitional process at the moment? Then this is for you:

7 Effective Ways to Survive Life Transitions

7 Effective Ways to Survive Life Transitions

Transitions are a part of life. We all believe is the most unpredictable thing that could ever happen in our lives. Everything changes ranging from people, situations, and even circumstances.

Transitions comprises of a change from one state or condition to another according to Merriam Webster dictionary. Transition often happens unplanned and unexpected. It could be negative or positive like moving from childhood to adolescence, from bachelorhood to marriage, or from married to a divorcee. Everyone has their own share of transition; I have mine and you have or will someday pass through yours as well.

Are you passing through a certain change in your life right now? Are you going through a transition at the moment? Do you feel lost and down due to the major transitions in your life? Are you going through an emotional or mental breakdown? Are you going through an ugly phase in your life right now? If yes then this article is for you:

Accept the lessons it brings.

Every transition has two sides; both the negative and the positive sides. Just like John Maxwell had said in one of his books; The Difference Maker,

“If change doesn’t cost you anything, then it isn’t real change”.

Each transition will always cost you something and always gift you something in return. Try to always find out the best each transition has to offer you that you can learn from. Don’t let everything be about your past alone, rather find a way to utilize these transitions and make it beneficial to yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

The bitter truth is that whether the transition is bad or not, there will always be a lesson or two that you will learn in return. So accept these lessons when you identify them and utilize them in your life.

7 Effective Ways to Survive Life Transitions

Whenever you go through a certain stage in your life, planned or not, you should always find time to sit down and think of the positive factors it has to offer and discard the rest to improve your mental health.

Reach out to your loved ones.

The best supporting system that life has to offer and that you can possibly get are your loved ones because they will always be there when you fall, rise, slip, and when you are going through a bumpy phase in your life. They tend to provide the best and right advice whenever you are down and rejoice with you and share in your happiness when the time is good.

Don’t be afraid to tell your loved ones your problems and your sorrows as they won’t know what is wrong with you if you don’t communicate with them. When you are going through a transitional process in your life; move close to a loved one, cry all you want and make them give you a hug afterward as it will help calm your nerves to think of the next line of action.

Take care of yourself.

Transitions shouldn’t be a detriment to your mental, physical, and spiritual health. You should rather take care of yourself in all ways. 

Whenever you feel suffocated, leave your phone behind and go out for some fresh air to clear your mind of any absurd thoughts, pray when you feel there is no way else for you and practice some light exercises like yoga or meditation to keep you healthy and sane.

Be true to your feelings.

These transitions bring different emotions to your mind, both negative and positive so it is rather advisable to be true to your feelings.

If you are feeling sad, accept that you are sad and when you are happy, accept that you are happy. Stop bottling up your feelings and pretending to be happy when you are sad. No one is stopping you from expressing your feelings.

When you are sad, cry your heart out and you will feel better afterward and when you are happy, laugh, and make merry; it will improve your mental health. ‘

Take things easy.

Most people engage themselves with different works to distract themselves from their problems and end up multitasking which could bring an adverse effect on your mental health.

Don’t take things too hard on yourself as transitions cannot be helped from happening so take things easy, provide comic relief for yourself, laugh at yourself, and make mistakes to learn from.

Taking things too hard on yourself during these times could lead to stress, anxiety, and depression so ensure to take things easy and take one step at a time.

Be grateful for where you are.

Your plans might not work out and where you are right now may not be where you have envisioned yourself but you know what? There is always a reason for whatever happens in life and if you look and wonder well, you will end up discovering that where you are right now is probably better than where you had earlier pictured yourself to be.

Be grateful for wherever you find yourself and accept whatever comes your way. Transitions come with both sides so be grateful for whatever you have and wherever you are.

Keep an open mind.

I am someone that always believed that having a laid down plan to live by is the proper way to live as it keeps me organized and productive. So when I’m about to do something, I plan it in my head and weigh the chances of things happening according to my rules and also prepare myself in case things don’t eventually go my way.

Just like I had earlier said from the beginning, transitions come unexpectedly so it is better to keep an open mind and prepare yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally for whatever is yet to come to prevent a breakdown. Even if you have a prior plan, prepare yourself for the worst, and prepare your mind for whatever might happen.

I will leave you with a saying of the leadership expert, Max Depree who said:


“We cannot become what we need by remaining what we are”.

So if you desire growth, then you must embrace and accept change.

Till we meet again.

7 Effective Ways to Survive Life Transitions

I’ll like you to share your thoughts on transitions with me in the comments.

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37 thoughts on “7 Effective Ways to Survive Life Transitions

  1. I am terrible at dealing with change, I have been since I was a child! I am trying to get better as an adult as I literally have no choice in the matter. I'll be taking all of your advice!


  2. I have gone through a reasonbable amount of change throughout my life. More than some, less than others. I have found that whenever I have used most of the points you say – taking it easy, being grateful, being true – things have worked out great.

  3. I'm glad you find my advices useful.
    I've also tried all these advices and they have all worked out because I've been through some series of transitions within this year and the last.
    Thanks for the love❣️❣️

  4. I’m all for excepting the lessons that come with transitioning in life. I’m glad you mention that because I feel like most people struggle with not only excepting but even understand the lessons that come with major life transitions. Great post!

  5. I struggle a lot with accepting the lessons that come with a major life transition, so we do so many people. I feel like it’s one of the biggest things we can do in the situation. Great post!

  6. I have been through many changes in my life, some good and some not so good. The hardest part is learning the lessons that come from them. It has taken me many years to accept and how to learn from my lessons. Great post, keep up the great work~

  7. Such a beautiful post! I haven't thought about the impacts of major life decisions in a while. My favourite points are "Be grateful for where you are" and "Take care of yourself" I 100% believe in taking care of yourself physically and mentally as well as always expressing gratitude!

  8. Very great post. I make an effort to open up to my loved ones, to accept my emotions and to take time to myself. Love this post, worthy of being bookmarked to look back on these points

  9. These are helpful tips my favorite was surrounding yourself around positive people and to take things easy. We all need time for ourselves, to unplug from all the madness and find some peace.

  10. I think you covered all the main points for dealing with change. I really have trouble with change but once I implemented these steps it got easier. Still hard for me though haha!

  11. A well-written informative post. Transitions can be very challenging – some are planned and some are unexpected. But through each of these we have to remember to turn to those in our support system and to be kind to ourselves and each other.

  12. good advice. Taking care of yourself and reaching out to loved ones is so important. it's also hard to do when youre feeling bad though.

  13. Wow! This is an amazing article. I believe it can be extremely helpful to someone who has problems in accepting change (like me, haha) and hence, gets panicked whenever something unexpected happens.

  14. Life changes have always been super hard on me, and these are all the lessons I’ve been trying to learn over the past few years. Thanks for putting them all in one place and reminding me of what I need to do <3

  15. Life transitions can be really difficult to navigate so it’s good to have some advice and guidance on it. In particular, I like your advice around accepting however you feel and writing out the positives of a transition.

  16. I think especially “be grateful for where you are” is good advice. So often we concentrate on what we don’t have and where we want to be, that we forget that one day we will miss these days.

  17. Yesss to all of these! Wonderful post and one that a lot of people need to read right now. Thank you for sharing.

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