Here are 6 strategies that you can use to stop and overcome a panic attack
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6 Ways to Stop a Panic Attack without Medications

6 Ways to Stop a Panic Attack without Medications

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A panic attack is associated with a sudden surge of overwhelming fear and anxiety. It often strikes with no warning and when it does, your body feels shaken up, your head and whole body pounds and you may feel like you are going to die or go crazy soon. A panic attack can be a one-time episode while recurrent attacks could be as a result of specific situations that might have triggered it. Panic attacks can strike at any time, it could be when you are taking a walk, in a gathering or in the middle of a conversation. I’ve compiled 6 effective ways to stop a panic attack: 

Close your eyes.

Panic attacks can also be triggered as a result of some occurrences that might have happened in the past. Being in an environment involving a lot of things that can trigger the attack can also result to panic and to reduce this, it is only appropriate that you close your eyes during these Processes which can help block out any other extra reactions and make it easier to overcome the attack. Effective ways to deal with a panic attack without medications

Picture a happy moment.

Another crucial method that you can use to overcome panic attack is by picturing many of your happy moments. The moments that you remember clearly where you felt happy and fulfilled. It could either be a day your boyfriend proposed to you, a day you bought your dreams house, a day you bought your dream car, your experiences during a family vacation or the day you got your dream job. How to stop a panic attack without medicationsThese happy moments can be anything and it is also part of the perfect solutions to overcoming a panic attack. So in order to overcome these attacks, it is advisable to think of the moments in your life where you are truly happy. 

These moments hold so much value that is why it is the appropriate solution to curb a panic attack.

Use deep breathing.

Hyperventilation is often recognized as one of the symptoms of panic attacks which can increase fear and anxiety. Deep breathing can surely help reduce panic attacks. Ways to deal with a panic attackBeing able to successfully control your breathing during these attacks can lessen the risk of hyperventilation which could make the panic attack itself worse. 

Focus on taking deep breaths both in and out through your mouth for a couple of minutes and allow the air to fill your belly and chest slowly before leaving them again.  

Find a focus object.

I’ve had a couple of attacks though it has reduced a little bit recently unless some thing triggers it. I have always been someone that is extremely scared of crowded places as I was a partial introvert. I have always hated crowded and congested areas so whenever I find myself in those situations, I do have a panic attack. I couldn’t allow myself continue to live that way and with the fear of crowded areas so I decided to find a solution by always holding a pen anytime I’m about to go to such areas that might trigger my attack.Effective ways to deal with a panic attackSo, the point of my story is that channeling your inner emotions to a certain something can also help to overcome a panic attack. It could be a pencil, a bag or even a pen and any other object that you can easily focus your attention on to help subside your attack. You can also opt for objects around you incase you don’t have access to the above listed by studying how a car moves, by following the ticking sound of a clock or by focusing and studying the shape and size of your chairs and tables.

All these objects, either around you, beside you or with you can further help to subside your attacks.

Practice Mindfulness.

Mindfulness works perfectly in subduing panic attacks as it helps you to recognize the many conditions of happiness that is both in and around you.

Mindfulness helps you to be aware of the reality of what’s around you which is a good opportunity for you coping to the fact that panic attacks result to feelings of detachment and separation from the reality. Ways to overcome a panic attackFocus on the physical actions that you are conversant with, like tapping your feet on the ground or tapping your hands continuously on your laps. These actions can help bring you back to reality and give you something to focus on.

Repeat a particular encouraging word internally. 

The continuous repetition of a particular word internally can be reassuring and relaxing, and it gives you something to hold onto during an attack. How to stop a panic attackIt can simply be words like “It is just my imagination” or “This too shall pass” or any other words that might feel reassuring and relaxing to you, repeat these words continuously in your head until you feel the panic attack start to subside.

The surest path to stopping a panic attack is by training yourself to respond to these attacks in a more calming and acceptable way.

There is no fix for it, but if your panic attacks are happening from time to time, then you need to seek medical help. You can use the online therapy directory to contact the nearest therapy in your area.

6 Effective ways to stop a panic attack without medications

So there you have it, my ideas on how you can overcome a panic attack. If you’ve got other ideas, then let’s talk about them in the comments. All ideas are welcomed.

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24 thoughts on “6 Ways to Stop a Panic Attack without Medications

  1. This is great advice. I just heard about the idea of using a focus object a couple years ago, and it really has made a big difference! I'm impressed by how well it can help me to feel centered and grounded in a moment where that's what I need most.

  2. Personally, I've never had a panic attack or any kind of anxiety attack but an old friend of mine used to get them. These tips are excellent, and defo ones that I've used in the past. I am really into yoga and breathing techniques which I also found helped!


  3. Really great post ! I haven’t had a panic attack in a while but I’m still scared of having one, cause I struggle to calm myself. Thanks for those tips, I hope I won’t need them thought haha

  4. Some great tips. I used to suffer from a severe anxiety disorder but thankfully never really had panic attacks. I had 2 minor ones and they were bad enough! Breathing and being conscious of your breath can be a game changer x

  5. This is a fab post with great advice. I love to start with breathing techniques first to calm my panic attack. Then I focus on objects and use distractions such as music, colouring, knitting, blogging etc

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