Introverts guide to overcoming fear
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Introverts’ guide to overcoming fear

Introverts' Guide to Overcoming Fear

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Introverts have fear not because they are introverts but because they are humans. As it is, fear is universal and inevitable, affecting all forms of behaviors as a whole (extroverts, ambiverts, and introverts). Read on to learn about my ideas on the ways introverts can overcome fear  

Introverts prefer a calm, quiet, and minimally stimulating environment. They tend to feel bored and drained after socializing as they prefer to stay alone. Being an introvert doesn’t mean that you are not okay and need to be fixed. It also doesn’t mean you need to avoid society at all costs and that you are automatically a target or victim to the behaviors of others. 

Introverts have a special kind of way of gaining energy and interacting with the world. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert is largely determined by your genes and it can also be a result of life experiences (bullying or past intimidation by friends and teachers). Below are ways and tips for introverts to overcome fear:  

Learn about the fear.

Fear becomes solvable and manageable when you look at it, question it, and get to know it. The more you learn about fear, the more you understand it, question it, and know the damages it might cause to your thoughts and body. 

Introverts are the best when it comes to self-evaluation. They possess the ability to examine, question, and observe their mental and emotional processes. Since fear is felt within, introverts have a larger chance when it comes to using their ability to observe and question their mental and emotional processes to learn about fear. 

Tap into your deeper connections.

Introverts are quite loyal when it comes to establishing a deep connection with someone. They like it when there is that special someone that understands their silence and talks in a different kind of way. They are known for establishing deep connections with others rather than the surface ones. 

In times of fear, having someone you can associate deeply with can support your efforts to take big risks even if you’re afraid. Having supportive and helpful people around you can provide encouragement, accountability and give assurance that everything will be okay which will help make overcoming fear easier. 

Utilize your ability to stand alone.

Introverts prefer to stay and wallow alone. They can control their mental and physical emotions perfectly. Overcoming fear often requires the presence of external support but when it comes to taking action and overcoming the fear, you are the one that needs to do the most work.

It takes strength and courage to overcome fear. An introvert must utilize his/her ability to stand alone in overcoming fear as the final straw in moving through this fear is in your hands. 

Let your focus drive you forward.

Introverts adore focus as they give their 100% energy to any task at hand. They tend to give their best and all to get work done as they can dig deep into something they truly want to do. 

Similarly, it is essential to make use of this focus ability to go all-in towards whatever fear you possess. Overcoming fear requires full attention and taking one step after another until it’s done. Make use of your tendency to focus and take the first step in overcoming that fear even if doing so makes you terrified. 

Avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Introverts are popularly known for thinking far and wide before making a decision or expressing their thoughts. In short, they are cautious of their actions and surroundings. They ruminate over things extensively before sharing what they’ve been thinking to the public and they are also great observers as they see through things easily. 

You can never prepare for all the possible outcomes that might come after taking a risk but there are some ways to prepare for potential outcomes or avoid unnecessary risk-taking if you look through them. 

Introverts need to utilize their power of observation to see through the dangers associated with some risks. You may not be able to prevent it totally, but the more you observe the risks ahead, the more the dangers you can avoid and the more prepared you will feel to handle any other unexpected situation that may arise. 


I hope you find my tips interesting and they in turn help you in overcoming that fear and be a better person. 

Introverts' guide to overcoming fear

Are you feeling too afraid to take a step towards your goal? Are you willing to make a move today? 

If YES, tell me all about your plans in the comments, and if NO, share with me what exactly is holding you back. 


28 thoughts on “Introverts’ guide to overcoming fear

  1. You got all the points about introverts correct. As an introvert myself, I resonate deeply with this. Thanks for the helpful tips. My favorite is to avoid unnecessary risks by utilizing the power of observation.

  2. Fear is definitely one thing that is holding me back. Some helpful tips on trying to over come it, will try these out, thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh my goodness, it's been a while since I related to a post this much. I'm a total introvert and it can be so hard to explain it sometimes but you captured it perfectly. Especially about having deep connections with fewer people than surface ones with lots, I've never really thought about it like that before but so true. Fantastic post.

  4. I love that you advised using our ability to stand alone! That's something which we have and can turn into a positive, and one which is overlooked by many.

  5. Wow what a great post! I am so happy to be reading this post this morning as I know that it will help so many people!

    Well done for sharing this!


  6. So true about how introverts are amazing at introspection! Learning about where fear/anxiety comes from is such an important step to overcoming it.

  7. Never have I found a post I can relate to more! Thanks so much for all these tips, hopefully I can use a few of them everyday to overcome the fear I’ll have of small talk when the world goes back to normal!

    Katie |

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