4 Effective Ways to live a happy life

4 Effective Ways to Live a Happy Life

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Happiness is the purpose and meaning of life. It is one of the most sought-after goals in life, yet for many, it seems to be elusive. Happiness is not the feeling you get when you acquire a new house or car as it is temporary being that human wants are insatiable. Happiness is the permanent feeling that you get either from someone or something. Read on to find out the 4 effective ways to live a happy life. 

The feeling you get when you are with your family or loved one is an example of a happy life. Happiness does not only depend on a person’s situation, it also depends on a person’s personality and the kind of relationship you have with people. It is important to do things that give you positive emotions. 

So how do you live a happy life? It takes constant efforts and consistency to cultivate happiness. Here are a few things you can do to live a happy life:

Focus on the positive things.

Many of us are plagued with the persistent negative emotions that clouds our brain and we are not able to give ourselves moments of bliss and contentment. Refrain your mind from thinking about the negative side of things. Always think positively if the situation is not in your favor, it helps give some assurances that things are finally going to be okay. 

You can try writing down your negative thoughts on a notepad, the mission is to reduce the number of negative thoughts that go through your mind per day until it is zero. Channeling your emotions and thoughts into writing may also help refrain you from negative thinking. 

Focus on the positive side of things and give yourself the chance to live a happy life. Never underestimate the importance of recognizing the silver linings of life. 

Celebrate your small wins.

Happiness doesn’t necessarily lie in big achievements, sometimes there is true happiness in small achievements like the completion of your school project, making someone laugh, having a roof over your head, amongst others. Give yourself the privilege of these achievements. Be happy with your achievements no matter how small. Celebrating small wins is surely and effective way to live a happy life because of the feeling of satisfaction, relief and bliss that comes with it.

Life is full of ups and downs but in between, we have a lot of achievements that go unnoticed. Give yourself credits for these small wins as they go a long way in providing you true happiness. These small wins are opportunities to count your blessings and be grateful. They are also a chance to reflect on how much you’ve achieved, which gives you the strength to move on. 

Practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness helps to reduce stress, anxiety and helps to understand yourself better and in turn, helps you see situations for what they are. It is the energy that helps you to recognize the conditions of happiness that are present in your lives. Mindfulness helps you to recognize the many conditions of happiness that are both in and around you. 

Practicing mindfulness means being present, aware and conscious of your surroundings. You can find peace and affirmation in yourself through the practice of mindfulness.

Accept your imperfections.

Perfection is when an individual constantly pushes him/herself to be the best at everything. To live a happy life, it is necessary to embrace your imperfections that are part of your life. Holding on to perfections makes one feel down. 

Accept that no one is perfect as life itself is imperfect and recognizes that there are beauty and peace in imperfections. You need to let go of identifying yourself as inadequate and embrace the wholeness of your being. Learn to accept yourself completely knowing that you possess a combination of different qualities. Rather than pushing yourself to bring out the perfect version of yourself, view your weakness as gifts to transform into the wholeness of your being.

Bottom Line 

Living a happy life is a gradual process. It takes consistency and goodwill to live a happy life. Some people live modest lives and are both happy and at peace with it. Remember that a successful life doesn’t depict a happy life.

4 Effective Ways to Live a Happy Life

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20 thoughts on “4 Effective Ways to live a happy life

  1. I love this. This is definitely a question I find myself always working on too, trying to get to the bottom of what actually makes a difference to happiness, beyond surface-level satisfaction with things. The value of small wins is a great point that I think deserves more attention, especially during times where so many people's big goals and plans are knocked off course, it's great to be able to latch onto the things that are really working.

  2. This post has been so lovely to read. I am getting so bogged down in the negative right now and it is really affecting me. So to read a lovely, positive and up beat post is amazing! Thank you for sharing!



  3. These really have hit home with me. I am currently going through so many changes in my life and these are exactly what I have to remind myself to do everyday to get my sense of happiness back. Thank you for this. Xoxo

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