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Tips to become the best version of yourself

 Tips to become the best version of yourself.

Becoming the best version of yourself means getting back to your quintessential self. You must turn away from distracting false beliefs that cloud your thinking. You must learn to be able to find out who you are. 

Read on to learn about the tips that I’ve found to become the best version of yourself: 

Know your purpose. 

To become the best version of yourself, you just need to know your purpose. Sometimes you need to step outside the box and think of what you are satisfied with and what makes you happy. Think of what you are putting your efforts and hard work into right now and as yourself: would you be satisfied? Is that the best version of yourself? Are you happy with your work? Sometimes, our jobs are not our purpose. 

You need to think about what you want to do best and what you want to be the best. It doesn’t have to be about power, fame, or popularity. Think about your goal and work towards it or better still, write it down. 

Embrace your fear.

Optimism is not the best option. You need to realize that you might not make it. I have also been through this path and I’m not saying being positive doesn’t work but having the notion and ideology that you will always make it is not right. You need to understand that failure is inevitable and it will always happen. 

The fear of failure is common for those who want to be the best version of themselves. And rather than quitting or letting the fear consume you, you should rather embrace and live with your fears 

The fear of failure is a mental and emotional awareness that success may not be possible. Too much failure can hinder your success and accomplishments, while too little of the fear of failure may not motivate and elevate your thinking enough. Being a little fearful gives you the motivation and inspiration to strive and achieve your goal. It gets your full attention and that is why you should not be too optimistic while dreaming and ensure to dream big and wild. 

Avoid mental handicap.

Negative expectations can harm your success. If you believe something will have a negative effect, it probably will. Having a clear mind isn’t just about raising the levels of your expectations, it is also about eliminating the negative ones. 

Ensure to seek for help and put an end to the negativity for your own sake. Be aware of your situation and don’t pretend that they don’t exist, it only hurts a lot more than ever. 

Be great, not perfect.

Perfection is just an excuse. You need to do things purposefully and not perfectly. You can strive to obtain it and not make excuses in the pretext of perfection. Perfection has been correlated with mental health problems based on research. So you need to remember that no matter who you are or how successful you have become, you will have bad days, you will make mistakes and you will have hurdles. 

You need to shift your focus on perfection to learning. Even if you feel like your life today is far from who you want to become, the important part is to remember to ask yourself is that is the best that you could do. Never strive for perfection, but strive to do the best you can and then do more. 

If you look at where you are now and where you want to be, it can look impossible and unobtainable but when you take things one step at a time, then progress starts to happen. It might be slow but it will surely happen and always remember that nothing is perfect. 

It’s not easy to become the best version of yourself but it is worth it because you can invest in yourself and the people around you and actually have enough power to change the world and make it a better place and thus leave a visible legacy behind. So you need to start by knowing your purpose and the rest will follow

22 thoughts on “Tips to become the best version of yourself

  1. Yes to all of these!!!! Excellent tips to not only be the best version of ourselves but to only keep out mental health in check. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great post! I try to be the best version of myself but I have such high expectations and it can make life more tricky than it needs to be!


  3. Wow, the phrase “ You need to shift your focus on perfection to learning” is so powerful. It’s so important to focus on learning from all aspects of your life- mistakes, failures, successes. Great post, thanks for sharing ☺️

  4. Really great tips here! I'm always looking for ways to be the best version of me. Fear and mental handicap are definitely challenges I constantly find myself trying to overcome to be that best version of me.

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