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8 Tips To Stay Motivated


Motivation is a very important tool in any activity as it gives reason for any desired activity. It comes from many and everything around us. Such forces/factors could be positive or negative. If negative, we assume no activity inactive and where positive is concerned, we feel encouraged and spur into action managing between the two extremes in a factor that calls for concern. 

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Staying motivated at all times is one thing people find hard to maintain so I’ve penned down some tips to follow in order to stay motivated in this article.

Read on to learn of the 8 tips to stay motivated:

Define your Goals

To get an act done effectively, it is necessary to have a defined goal for it. Having a defined goal puts one’s work in an action mode. It is the first thing to be taken into consideration before an action is to be carried out which is like a vision on what you are trying to do. 

So the first tip to follow in a bid to staying motivated is by having a defined goal in achieving whatever you are trying to do. 

Create a Plan.

A plan is a set of actions that have been thought of as a way to do or achieve something. Once you have a goal in place, the appropriate thing to do is to make a plan for it to carry it out effectively. We all are aware of the fact that a goal without a plan is just a mere dream. 

Approach a Task in a Different Manner

One of the problems that I face when writing is how to start and I know others face this problem as well so what I simply do is give the task a different approach. 

Making use of a different strategy or changing the pattern at which you work gives one a new energy and perspective in getting the task done. 

Get Organized

The environment also influences the level of motivation. In order to stay motivated, always ensure that your environment is filled with things that will elevate your thinking. A calm and serene environment boosts one’s level of productivity and efficiency. 

Utilize the Power of Deadlines.

As they say, “time is everything”. Setting a time limit for an activity enables you to assemble your thoughts, energy, resources and materials towards accomplishing things you might not otherwise get done. 

Tackle Procrastination

The main enemy of a writer is procrastination. You must always ensure not to waste time thinking or rationalizing about things that does not matter in your work. Instead, get to work immediately as the best way to begin something is to just begin. 

Keep it Fun

Fun is a great motivator. If you want to seriously stay motivated, then find a means to make your works fun as it will motivate you into putting your all into it to get the work done efficiently.

Stop Multi-tasking 

Make sure to erase all distractions and stop dividing your attention. Another way to stay motivated is by giving your full and undivided attention to any task at hand. 

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Remember, motivation starts within. Find it, keep it and make it for you.  

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19 thoughts on “8 Tips To Stay Motivated

  1. Great tips. Organization is really the biggest key for me. When I'm not organized, my productivity and motivation both drop and FAST. I have been using Trello religiously to plan out and organize my days as of late, and I've sen a huge benefit to it. Best part, it's free!

  2. Love this list! Sometimes I take a little break and come back at a task with a new approach. Sometimes creating a plan beforehand also works, if the task at hand is a big one! The important thing is to get into a mindset that promotes fun.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

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