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How to Overcome Interview Jitters.


Going for an interview, especially when you are desperate to get the job or you don’t have much experiences about the job can result to a nerve-wrecking anxiety. Sometimes, the anxiety renews your focus and boost your performance but in other words, too much of it might cost you a once in a lifetime job opportunity. 

This article contains some few tips on how to overcome interview jitters and prevent the anxiety from taking the best of you: 

Bring in your notepad.

Bringing laptops and phones are practically not allowed in an interview and you might want to ask the interviewers some questions or note down some valid points being said by the interviewer. So in this scenario, it is mostly appropriate to bring in a notepad to write down whatever needs to be written.

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In most cases, putting down some notes during the interview can actually give the interviewer the sense that you are very interested in acquiring the position. You can also include in the notepad some keywords to keep you back on track whenever you lose your train of thoughts and prevent anxiety.

Avoid too much of coffee.

In a quest of wanting to be at full attention during the interview, avoid drinking too much of coffee before going for the interview. 

Too much of coffee will actually make you feel jittery and anxious rather than staying focused. So avoid taking too much of caffeine before an interview. 

Adopt a relaxation strategy.

Everybody has that one thing that make them feel relaxed when anxious. It can be the rubbing of both palms together, tapping a foot continuously on the ground, holding firmly to a pen and so on. 

In other to avoid interview anxiousness and nervousness, it is also advisable to adopt a relaxation strategy to calm your nerves down and prevent you from making a mistake during the interview. 

Minimize same-day stress.

Overworking yourself or stressing yourself too much can make your anxiety worse. Avoid stress on the day of your interview, eat properly, sort out your things beforehand and ensure to get a good night sleep. Minimize any form of distraction that could result to stress on the day of your interview.   Follow my page

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  1. These are some great generic tips; regardless of what sort of job you're interviewing for! I'm currently doing a series on job searching so would it be OK for me to link to this post?
    I'm at 🙂

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