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 Inspiration is required in everything that we intend to do. Inspiration is like a zeal to excel in whatever we intend to do. An action seems meaningless when the zeal is absent, the action will seem empty and bland without it.

As I am a writer, I can’t write without inspiration as it is part of what makes my work stand out amongst others. One of the factors used to differentiate between a ‘writer’ and a ‘writer’ is by the in-depth meaning of their work. If I simply think of a topic ad I get to write it down just as I thought, it will feel empty. It could be a very mind blowing topic with a nice write-up but when you look at it thoroughly, you will notice the absence of some touches. Those touches or in-depth meanings are what I refer to as inspiration.  It happens to me all the time and when the inspiration finally comes, I can write at least five articles at a go. The same thing applies to other acts like designing, painting and so on.  

So I’m going to lay out the 3 simple things that I do whenever I want to find inspiration. Whenever I feel like writing and there is no inspiration, I do the following: 


I can say this method works for me every time. Whenever I feel like writing and the inspiration is absent, I simply take a long walk to clear my head as part of the things that prevents inspiration is when your mind is too occupied. You think about a lot of things and you want to carry out a lot of tasks at the same time, you need to take a chill pill by simply taking a walk to clear your head. This really helps a lot no matter your personality, taking a walk and admiring nature gives the mind peace.

There was simply a day that I was really feeling like writing, like I was in dire need to hold a pen and write but I didn’t have the inspiration to do so and It was really hurting me and I nearly cried, I had to take a quick walk that day to simply clear my mind and properly think on what I really wanted to write and funny enough, I got the inspiration on what to write from a sun flower. It was really shocking to me as I was simply admiring the flower as the sun shone on it and I was also taking some pictures with it but then I got an inspiration on what to write immediately so that’s why I said taking a walk works a lot in finding inspiration. I can say it is the most suitable and best thing that I would advise someone to do in order to find inspiration. 


Reading solves the inspiration problem quite well. I love reading books no matter the genre as I don’t have a favorite so I read books that I have access to at that particular time to get inspiration. If you feel like doing something and the zeal is not there, you can simply read a book. It shouldn’t necessarily have to be a book that you like, it can also be a book that is completely different from your taste or field. The solution to your problems might be there so that is why it is not compulsory for the book to be a book that you like. Sometimes, it could be a book that you detest the most on a normal day but at that particular time, the book might draw your attention and thus give you the inspiration that you need. Inspiration can come from anywhere and it can come in any format so you need to think far and wide when deciding on a book to read to get inspiration. 


What is better than taking a nap on a stressful day when your brain seems worked up? Taking a nap is good but it is mostly suitable and favorable on a day when you are looking for inspiration on something. Inspiration is simply rare to find as it requires critical thinking and sheer luck sometimes to find. I get frustrated sometimes when I want to write and its missing.

Taking a nap also works when searching for inspiration as it keeps the brain from over-working itself and puts the mind at ease. The absence of inspiration could be as a result of stress or over-thinking that is why a nap is mostly required at that given period of time. 

I take a nap every time I’m about to write as it keeps my mind active for new ideas to come in that’s why I’m recommending it also as it not only works but keeps you healthy. 

BONUS: Part of what you can also do to get inspiration is by engaging yourself in what you love doing most or by cooking a meal. 


  1. Loved this! I also find inspiration in reading. About a week ago it rained where I live and I spent the entire day reading. It was perfect. 🙂

  2. Walks are the BEST for inspiration. I need to start bringing a notebook with me on walks because I get so many ideas and I can't keep them all in my head until I get back home.

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